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 Spreading Positive Change.

EVOLution recognizes that positive news doesn’t receive the attention that it deserves.

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We want to shine the light on and bring more attention to positive stories, breaking news, and current events that occur throughout the world.

Are you fed up with the negative content (violence, gossip, news) you see on social media that drags you down and overwhelms you? Well you’ve reached the right page. EVOLution is a platform that people can use to share their positivity on a broad spectrum. Here you can get your daily dose of refreshing and uplifting content through an engaging community of users.

EVOlution is comprised of a non-profit, power of positivity assembly program and positive apparel brand.

The name EVOLution was inspired by the word “love.” As the first four letters spell it backward!
— EVOLution

Our Mission

To promote positive change through the various outlets within our positive empire which uplifts and reminds people of the true essence and restoration of positive energy.


Our Goal

To spread our mission worldwide so that people will be inspired to lead a more positive lifestyle. We recognize that positivity needs to be amplified throughout the world.