To inspire those we touch, especially the youth, to spread the love they receive through our creative acts of love to others creating a chain reaction of positive light being shined in a world full of darkness and paying it forward for a future filled with more love and positivity for all mankind.


2000+ Youth

EVOLution partnered with NFL Superstar Louis Murphy's 1st Down's 4 LIfe Youth Football/Cheer Camp in St. Petersburg, FL where they coached, supplied free embroidered hats, and performed their Power of Positivity Assembly for the youth! EVOLution continues to be a pillar of positive change for youth around the nation!


20,000+ Smiles Tampa

Partnered with Titus O'Neil (WWE wrestler) for Joy of Tampa charity event helping to supply gifts for the holiday for over 20,000 kids in need.



Day of mentorship for the holidays

This holiday season EVOLution sponsored a well deserving kid through a day of mentorship as a gift to him. Meet E'zioner, a 13 year old kid that sells water to drivers off the interstate to help his single parent family make money for basic resources for everyday living. He could have chosen the path of something negative to make quick money, but he chose a positive outlet to make his money. His mom told us he cooks, cleans, obeys her, takes care of his younger siblings and out of all 8 of her kids he was the most deserving of this day. He told us he was bullied in public school which is why he's now home schooled and wasn't afforded the luxury of having the best living condition and so our aim was to instill in him that he certainly could create a better one and that anything is possible through self-confidence, perseverance, determination, and also to remind him that he is still a kid and we wanted him to embrace that by taking a much needed break from all of his responsibilities on his special day.

atlanta’s INner city youth Extravaganza

EVOLution hosted an outreach event for the kids of the Inner city of Atlanta where Gun Violence is extremely high among youth! 2 years ago our Founder (Fraiser) almost lost his life to gun violence. He was inspired by his grandmother who did something on her 80th birthday that will stick with him forever. She didn’t want to go out or do anything for herself. She had one request and that was to giveback at a local shelter where she wanted to uplift others who can use it most! She said God gave her life and strength to see another year and that’s all the gift she could ask for at that age. So this year for Fraiser's 29th bday he followed in her footsteps.


POwer of positivity assembly at johnakin middle

After 2 recent devastations in SC (hurricane Florence & the nationally known massive shooting), EVOLution knew that the people of SC needed some cheerful empowerment. Principal Mark Fraiser of Johnakin Middle School and the superintendent of Marion County graciously opened Johnakin's school doors for us to host our Power Of Positivity Assembly dedicated to the fallen officers from the massive shooting Terrance Carraway & Farrah Turner both from Florence, SC. EVOLution helped to create an atmosphere for the students and community to forget about the madness by coming together with love, unity, & positive energy.



Autographed Hat

Donated autographed hat by Titus O'Neil WWE wrestler and Dave Batista actor/WWE wrestler to foster child



Hosted a school assembly with NFL prospect Deonte Holden (NC State student athlete) for over 500 students at Savannah Grove Elementary School. 



The EVOLution Team hosted/orchestrated an AMAZING Extravaganza for the 5th graders of Brown Elementary on Friday. The event consisted of an ice cream social, haircuts/styles for the students, and assembly where the students were given an opportunity to win prizes/custom made embroidered hats through positive fun activities. 



Power Of Positivity assembly at brown elementary

EVOLution started the Power of Positivity Assembly in order to shine a positive light through the darkness of the senseless trend of school shootings and bullying in hopes to show the students the essence of unity and brotherly love at a vital age no matter their race, gender, or beliefs, and that school shouldn't be a place where kids fear for their lives or worry about negative influences.



One small act of kindness can make a HUGE impact on someone’s life. Get involved in the community and a make positive impact one act at a time. Want to learn more about EVOLution, become a partner or donate your time? Please contact us on our contact page.


Don't have time to volunteer?

We accept donations as well.


Hurricane FLorence RELIEF

Hurricane Florence devastated the east coast. EVOLution partnered up with Target and the Men of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity to provide families with 220 plus cases of bottled water and other supplies being held at Johnakin Middle School in Marion, SC.


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